Scientific Advisory Board

Jeanne L. Becker, PhD

Dr. Becker is a scientific consultant for ChemoSen3D, who was the founding President, CEO and Executive Director of CASIS. Dr. Becker also served as Chief Science Officer for Astrogenetix, Inc., and was part of the research team using the conditions of microgravity to uncover novel targets for the development of bacterial vaccines and therapeutics. Dr. Becker has held faculty positions at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

J. Houston Miller, PhD

Prof. Miller is a Professor of Chemistry at GWU. His distinguished scientific career includes over 100 scientific publications and several government-funded grant proposals. In addition to his impressive publication record and broad scientific background, Prof. Miller is an inventor with five patents or patent applications. In addition to his appointment at GWU, Prof. Miller is a Visiting Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department of Cambridge University and is a Bye Fellow of Robinson College, also in Cambridge, England.

Karel Petrak, PhD

Dr. Petrak is President & CEO of PJP Innovations Inc., a consulting company specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas and covering all aspects of drug development. His experience working in industry has focused on targeted drug delivery systems using nanoparticles or carbohydrate-based targeting, working with partners in the Texas Medical Center on pre-clinical and clinical aspects of drug development.

Business Advisory Board

Leonardo Dias, MBA

Mr. Dias is a partner of CÉOS Consulting and a managing director of Little Rock Overseas, LLC. Previously, Mr. Dias has acted as the Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer for CEMAR and Equatorial Energia, and holds more than 12 years in the energy and telecommunications industries.

Deborah Mansfield, MBA

Deborah Mansfield is an innovation business development professional with experience in business acceleration, startup methodology, early business funding, and life science research. In 13+ years as Acceleration Director, legacy Houston Technology Center and beyond, she has served over 500 startups and assisted companies with federal and state funding awards. Her consulting experience includes domestic and international projects for business, economic development, federal funding, and academic education.

William Johnson, MS

Mr. Johnson is the Managing Partner at Boler Biotech Consulting. He has over 25 years’ experience working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields, with previous positions at EMD Millipore, Bullet Biotechnology, Novartis, Wyeth, Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, Scripps Research Institute, among others.

Hubert Tseng, PhD

Dr. Tseng is a scientist with extensive experience in magnetic 3D bioprinting and applying towards drug discovery and toxicology. Previously a Senior Staff Researcher at the Salk Institute studying the single-cell cytokine secretion of tumor infiltrating immune cells, he is now specializing in immuno-oncology CAR-T product development at Poseida Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Tseng previously worked in the same position at ChemoSen3D/n3D from 2013-2016. Also, he served as Senior Translational Scientist at Targazyme, advancing their fucosylation pipeline into clinical trials in stem cell transplantation and tumor immunology.

Legal Advisory Board

Heather Carson, JD, PhD

Heather Carson, JD, PhD-Dr. Carson is an Attorney Advisor at the SBA, previously a project manager in the Office of Clinical Research at Baylor College of Medicine. She is highly experienced in dealing with contract negotiation with the FDA, including assisting patients and physicians with paperwork associated with documentation for N-of-1 clinical trials. Dr. Carson is motivated to help us navigate the legal complexities that come with running a clinical trial.

Michael Blaney

Mr. Blaney is the Managing Partner at Blaney & Associates, PC, and is ChemoSen3D’s lead general counsel and has extensive experience in technology-related transactions including licensing, and Contact PD/PI: Weiss, Michelle Commercialization Plan Page 105 cooperative research agreements, and was ChemoSen3D’s head legal counsel in the licensing negotiations with Rice University and MDACC.

Tamsen Valoir, PhD

Dr. Valoir is the Managing Partner at Boulware & Valoir, and is ChemoSen3D’s lead intellectual property counsel. Dr. Valoir has extensive experience in the life sciences with patents in biomedical devices, diagnostics and research technology.

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